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Electrical Horizontal Surface Pumping Systems (EHSPS) are capable of operating in applications such as: 

  • Water Disposal
  • Water injection
  • Lean Amine Circulation
  • Secondary and tertiary oil recovery projects
  • Coalbed methane fracturing
  • Crude oil boosting and transfer
  • Liquefied and natural gas boosting and transfer


Manufacturing pressure boosting
Mine Dewatering
Power Fluid boosting for hydraulic lift systems
Salt Dome Leaching
CO2 boosting
Seawater disposal and water flooding
Horse Power (HP)
Application Dependent
2500 HP
Flow Rate (BPD)
Application Dependent
86,170 BPD
Pump Efficiency (%)
Application Dependent
Intake PSI
Application Dependent
4000 psi
Discharge PSI
Application Dependent
6,600 psi
Temp F  
Table 1: General Overview
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SPS is capable of repairing and providing most brands of Horizontal Disposal Systems and Surface Pumping Systems.

There is no need to purchase a new pump if SPS can repair yours. SPS is also capable of replacing or repairing most thrust chambers.
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