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The variable speed drive (VSD) has been around for many years. There are many different sizes and brands of VSD's in use today. A VSD is a computer driven device that has the ability to vary the RPM of the down hole submersible pump by increasing or decreasing the frequency (Hz) of the power to the motor.
There are several ways VSD's enhance the performance of electrical submersible pumping systems.
1.The operating range of the pump can be increased and decreased.
2.The ability of the pump to handle gas.
3.The ability to test an individual well's productivity.
4.Soft start effect.
5.Balanced current.
6.Convert single phase to three phase (Phase Converter).
7.Energy saver.
8.Protection from electrical transients.
9.Reduced power requirements on start ups.
10. Longer run times on the pumps section.
Variable speed drives perform other functions other than enhancing submersible pump systems.
1.Enhance pump jack performance, increase and decrease production.
2.Control water levels and pressures in water floods (SWD Pumps).
3.Gas Compressors.
4.Transfer pumps.